Centre for Research in Aging

Patient-centered excellence is the priority of the Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre

The overarching aim of the research program at the Centre for Research in Aging at Donald Berman Maimonides is to improve the quality of care received by residents in long-term care.

The research team, led by Dr. Machelle Wilchesky, performs important medical research to improve the lives of an aging population and to educate health care professionals working with the residents on best practices. A range of topics within the fields of dementia have been investigated, particularly for those with advanced dementia.

“Research on our population is so important because what works on the regular community care geriatric population does not always apply to those in late-stage dementia or with multiple issues related to aging. It is important that we conduct research that will help our very specific population and share our results with others in real time.”

— Dr. Machelle Wilchesky, Director of the Centre for Research in Aging

Research papers
A geriatric healthcare woman professional points to research graphs and information on a corkboard wall.

All research requires funding. The Centre for Research in Aging is funded by donor dollars through the Foundation and through grants obtained by the Research team. 

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